International Carbon-Value Award Category

04-07-2012 Source:Xinhua

The selection of "International Carbon-value Award" will be executed in accordance with the standard of "carbon transformation action, carbon development efficiency, carbon social value", and the winners shall be the best players of such standard, and be awarded respectively:


International Carbon-Value Award


The winner shall hold comprehensive advantages on low carbon development, can erect new model for innovative development, create low carbon value and competitive advantage, and make solid contribution to rebuilding future economic structure and social image. The candidate who meets all three selection standards of "carbon-value social citizen, carbon-value innovative value, carbon-value ecological practice" will be viewed as the best player, and the final winner of "International Carbon-value Award".


Subcategory 1: Carbon-Value Ecological Practice Award

The winner shall hold profound understanding and prospective practice on ecological, low-carbon development trend, and has acquired extraordinary and measurable "carbon-value" achievement after positive and effective exploration and practice; the winner will be the best practitioner of low carbon action, and can offer comprehensive solution and case on low-carbon transition and development model.


Subcategory 2: Carbon-Value Innovative Value Award

The award is set for the enterprises who have made unique and rewarding research and exploration on "policy innovation, management innovation, technological innovation, market innovation" in low carbon field, which will have continuous innovation value and demonstration significance in the whole industry chain, and can form a set of duplicable and applicable innovation mechanism; furthermore, the award is set for the enterprises who, by way of independent innovation, cooperative innovation, open-up innovation, have played a positive role in improving "carbon" efficiency, creating value, leading towards better life..


Subcategory 3: Carbon-Value Social Citizen Award

The award aims to enhance enterprises' social citizen concept, deeply implement sustainable development strategy towards low-carbon society. The winner shall be an active propagator of low carbon value concept, and a best player of living up to low-carbon social citizen responsibility in the course of enterprises' low carbon development.


Individual 1: China Green and Low-Carbon City Award

Carry out comprehensive modeling appraisal on object cities, especially for China's second and third-tier cities, analyze and research investigation and appraisal report; select and award cities which have the potential or capacity to build into "international pilot city for green and low-carbon cooperation". The modeling appraisal will focus on city infrastructure, environmental condition, city ecological planning, low-carbon development strategic deployment, city industry support force, energy-saving development condition, government initiative and public awareness on low carbon and environmental protection.


Individual 2: China Green-Benefit Enterprise Award

Carry out investigation and analysis on enterprise candidates, especially for emerging and developing enterprises with certain competitive edge, and having obtained certain green benefit; select and award enterprises which have put green mission and social responsibility as priority, and have the potential or capacity to become social pilot enterprises in terms of  "green benefit".


Source: Xinhuanet

Editor: Hao Jing


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