CINRAD/XD (M) X Band Doppler Weather Radar

22-07-2013 Source:SRC-947

1. Introduction

CINRAD/XD (M), a mobile X-band Doppler weather radar, is used for on-site meteorological observations during emergencies and scientific studies to detect, track and observe severe convective weather (such as thunderstorms and hail) within 300km and to measure the intensity, velocity, spectrum width and polarization parameters of precipitation targets. This radar provides real time and accurate data for disastrous weather forecasting, issuing of warnings and scientific research.

2. Configuration

Transmitter, receiver, antenna and servo system, signal processor, radar monitoring system, products generation and display system, power system, mobile shelter and accessories.

3 Main Specification

X-Band, fully-coherent, simultaneous transmission of horizontal and vertical polarization Doppler weather radar

High frequency stability and high spectrum purity transmitter

Low noise, large dynamic range and low phase noise receiver

High frequency stability, multi-function frequency synthesizer

Low side lobe, high gain, narrow beam antenna with flexible, multi-function antenna scanning modes

Uses the powerful data processor and products generation software of the WSR-98D/SA Doppler weather radar


Source: China's Huayun Corporation
Editor: Shi Long



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