National level professional Automatic Weather station

10-04-2014 Source:China Meteorological News Press

CAW600 National level Automatic Weather Station is the intelligently monitoring system used for full-automatic data collection, storage, processing and transmission. It is designed according to ground observation range requirement of meteorology routine operation station and can carry out all-day automatic monitoring of meteorological elements such as wind direction, wind speed, temperature, humidity, rainfall, pressure, ground temperature, evaporation, net radiation, reflected radiation, scattering radiation, direct radiation, sunshine, solid precipitation, snow depth. Adopting module combination, various automatic meteorology stations can be assembled based on various operation requirements.


Figure 2 National Level AWS


1) System composition

CAW600 National Level Automatic Weather Station is composed of 2 parts which are hardware and software; the former includes automatic meteorology station equipment that are installed outdoors and computer, printer, UPS power that are installed indoors; the latter includes data installed in the collection system.


2) System features

The collection system adopts the advanced collection core with good stability and observation data has high precision, high reliability and high accuracy. This system is universally used in base station, basic station and general station of meteorology department and meteorological operation station in other industries. Computer, printer and UPS power, etc are installed indoors; software includes data collection and procession software is installed in the collector system; and OSSM2004 business software for data acceptance, procession and storage is installed in the computer.


3) Information transmission

The station is connected with computer via communication cable to extract and store data based on OSMMO2010 software.

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