Field Automatic Weather Station

10-04-2014 Source:China Meteorological News Press

CAWS-600-S/SE Multi-Element Field Automatic Weather Station is the intelligent monitoring system with functions of fully automatic data collection, storage, processing and transmission. It is a filed intelligent meteorology station for multi-application with no person on duty; in addition, it actualizes automatic monitoring, storage, processing and transmission of various weather elements under extreme environment. The collection system adopts advanced collection core, which has strong expansibility and can actualize any combination observation of multi-elements observation items. The observation data has high stability and precision, and the equipment is featured as being of high reliability, high accuracy, easy for maintenance and back-up. It is composed of hardware and software. The former includes sensor, collector, communication system and power supply system. The latter includes collection and debugging software, center station software and data application terminal software.


Figure 3 Field automatic station


1) Product features

·Low power consumption, high stability, high accuracy, and unattended.

·Various power supply modes, such as exchanges, the combination of solar and wind energy, reliable power control system which can ensure automatic station continuous operation under a various power supply environments.

·Support various communications including GPRS, CDMA, satellite (COMPASS), etc.

·Perfect anti-lightning and anti-jamming measures

·Hardware and software are used the modular open design, which have strong expansion capability, like adding the radiation observation, hydrological and oceanographic observations


2) Typical applications

It can be used in both the guard-free field extreme environment and ideal environment like the city or suburbs. In addition, it can not only carry out automatic monitoring for routine weather elements such as wind direction, wind speed, temperature, humidity, pressure, rainfall, radiation and sunshine, etc, but also meet the needs of meteorological related applications for marine and other special environment and application purpose by selecting sensors for visibility, strong wind etc.


3) Information transmission

·Wireless Communications: GPRS (GSM / CDMA) /COMPASS

·Receiving end: CAWSANYWHERE2010 central station software

·Direct Communication: by RS232 serial port

·Receiving end: OSSMO2010 Direct connection software

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