Lightning monitoring system

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 ADTD Lightning location network


1) Overview


ADTD Lightning location network is mainly designed to detect cloud-to-ground flashes, capable of separating positive from negative. Currently, it’s widely used in the fields of national defense and national economy, including meteorology, spaceflight, aviation, communication, forestry, electronic power and construction. This network is comprised of ADTD lightning location indicator, central data processing station, user data service network and graphic display terminal.


ADTD lightning location indicator


2) Functional features


Central data processing station can connect with several probes through communication channel and offer location processing on the received return strokes in a real-time manner to provide precise location and intensity and other parameters of every return stroke, which will be stored, displayed, printed or copied into graphics by graphic display terminal at any time. Besides, central data processing stations can set the parameters of every probe and tune out the operating mode of every probe through communication system. Through the data service network or by setting several graphic display terminals, several departments can share the lightning information resources.


A variety of communication forms, such as WiFi, wired network, special line and satellite communication network.


Real-time data, sound continuity, quick speed of network arrangement low operating and maintenance cost, extensive coverage and wide application field.


High performance, reliability as well as integrity of recorded data 


Complete set of power and signal measures


High fault tolerance, user-friendly interface, easy operation


Nationally unified data processing center stations provide data for comprehensive positioning.


3) Performance index


Detection efficiency: 80%—90%


Detection zone: 0—600KM, average value of 300KM


Accuracy of directional detection: theoretical random error is 0.5°


Return stroke resolution: that of cloud-to-ground flash is 3ms, cloud flash is 1ms.


Time accuracy: that of relative world time is 130ns, which of detector interval is less than 50NS. 


Ambient temperature: -40℃ to +55℃


Operating temperature: -40℃ to +80℃


Relative humidity: 0-100%


Rainfall: 7.6cm/hr when wind velocity is 65km/h


Fault-free time: more than 30000 hours


4) Software of center stations

Central data processing stations of the lightning monitoring and location system

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