DNDY DF02 ground electric field mill

20-06-2014 Source:China Meteorological News Press

1) Overview


DNDY DF02 ground electric field mill is a system which can provide real-time security decision-making information before lightning. It can provide preventive detection and detect coming thunderstorm so as to give out alarms before first lightning strike. Making proper use of early warning information sent by electric field mill can provide sufficient response time to take countermeasures, thus avoiding lightning damages. Currently, it is widely used in such areas as meteorology, factory, airport, mining industry, oil store and gas station.


DNDY DF02 ground electric field mill


2) Functional features


Solar batteries can be adopted where power supply is inconvenient.
Effectively provide the accuracy of lightning warning and control over the time of forecast in advance
The equipment structure is designed by 3D software and the surface is of white paint, which guarantees that it still looks new after being operated outdoors for a long time.
Data transmission can adopt wireless access (CDMA/GPRS) and wired access (NPORT).
High fault tolerance, user-friendly interface and easy operation
High performance and reliability as well as integrity of recorded data
The combination of electric field mill and lightning positioning data can     greatly enhance the accuracy of lightning forecasting and warning.


3) Performance index

Input range:  -50KV/m to +50 KV/m
Analog output:  -10V to 10V
Baud rate of output: 9600
Signal interface: RS232 interface
Accuracy:    <30V/m
Temperature:   -40℃ to 60℃
Humidity:  0%-100%
Measurement accuracy: 5%
Reliability:   100% notices the change of electric field


4) Software of central station
DNDY lightning monitoring and early warning software
DNDY lightning monitoring and early warning software, which is a kind of application soft installed in local terminal microcomputers or the terminals of remote data centers, is designed to process, display, store, query and transmit the data observed by atmospheric electric field mills. This software can detect the lightning location data, data of ground electric field mill and lightning warning information in a real-time manner and at the same time, display lightning monitoring information and deliver lightning warning information. It also provides the service of playback and analysis of historical lightning procedures. By serving historical electric field data playback, people can analyze and study lightning operation.


The main interface of monitoring and early warning system


Map display


Lightning trend


Display window of real-time electric field curve


Monitoring interface of single-station software


Monitoring interface of central station software

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