7 fund projects of transformation of agro-sci & tech achievements

17-09-2014 Source:China Meteorological News Press

Recently, 7 fund projects of transformation of agricultural scientific and technological achievements managed by China Meteorological Administration passed the assessment of Ministry of Science and Technology. Researchers of these projects established the operational application platform and system to meet the needs of crop agricultural condition monitoring and warning services requirements based on the present scientific research work, took demonstration station construction, carried out demonstration application service and achieved good effects and socio-economic benefits. To further extend the application effects, relevant technical trainings were organized and popular science materials were published. The 7 projects are undertaken by Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences, Henan and Hebei institutes of meteorological sciences, Shaanxi crops meteorological service station, Northwest Regional Climate Center, Henan climate center and Guizhou institute of mountain environment climate.


Service application of chilling damage monitoring and early warning technology for northeast crop


In the foundation of the research achievements, this project divided Northeast China into 11 monitoring and forecasting regions, established various dynamic heat index forecasting models based on 50-year meteorological and atmospheric circulation data, developed 4 systems of chilling damage monitoring and early warning services platform for crop in the regional and provincial levels which has been tested in the agro-meteorological services of National Meteorological Center, Heilongjiang, Jilin and Liaoning and released relevant service products for more than 20 times. According to the result, this system with clear structure is convenient for the technicians'  understanding, operation and usage. The application of this system has promoted the service capacity and efficiency of crop chilling damage  forecast in relevant regions and played the role of guidance in disaster prevention and reduction. This system would also be spread and used in the agro-regions of Northeast China and eastern Inner Mongolia.

Delayed cold damage monitoring result for spring crop

Templet of Jilin Province


Application of winter wheat late frost monitoring and early warning technology of Henan


This project improved winter wheat late frost monitoring and assessing models based on satellite remote sensing and ground monitoring, established winter wheat late frost forecasting and warning models in different regions of Henan and achieved the dynamic monitoring and refined forecasting and warning. The project established the service technology process and applied it in service. Then the average forecasting accuracy has been promoted to 78.7%. A series of comprehensive prevention techniques of winter wheat late frost has been pushed forward. Winter Wheat Late Frost Service Manual and over 2000 pieces of promotional materials were released, 8 training courses were organized and 3 demonstration bases were built.

The publicity material

The winter wheat late frost monitoring images of Henan


Outreach and application of forest fire disaster remote monitoring and refined fire danger rating forecasting and early warning in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei


This project worked for fire disaster monitoring index, fire point identifying, fire risk rating forecasting model and system development. The major results included: making application of satellite data with 10m resolution and drawing forest and grassland coverage in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei; establishing the identifying index of multi-satellite, multi-sensor and multi-period hot spots; regarding the inversion information of MODIS data soil moisture as a predictor and achieving the refined fire risk rating forecasting combined with WRF numerical forecasting products; establishing meteorological factor monitoring and forecasting data base, data base of hot spot monitoring products and data base of fire risk rating forecasting products; establishing service system, SMS releasing system and WEB service site for checking the real-time information; 2 theses have been published. The system operation and website service play an important role in forest fire prevention and disaster mitigation.


Application of results of Shaanxi Fuji apple meteorological disaster risk zoning


This project revised the major meteorological disaster index of Shaanxi Fuji apple and improved the risk evaluation model; finished relevant disaster risk zoning images in 4 counties based on the new index, model and data of regional stations. It also developed the service system with disaster monitoring, querying, producing and information-releasing information and other functions. The results of this project have been applied in 550 thousand mu of farmland and the warning accuracy has reached 93%. The project also trained over 280 persons.

The zoning of could injury risk in apple flowering period in Luochuan County


Application of agricultural drought monitoring and warning technology in Northwest China


A project on application of agricultural drought monitoring and warning technology in Northwest China, which undertaken by Northwest Regional Climate Center, has established many kinds of remote sensing monitoring models for agricultural drought, and developed warning technology which integrated by numerical forecast products and cloud parameters remote sensing. It also sets up the monitoring and warning operational system for agricultural drought in Northwest China, and realizes drought monitoring and warning database inquiry, drought remote sensing, drought warning products and others.

Agricultural drought monitoring image in Northwest China basis on FY-3A satellite data


In Gansu, Shaanxi, Ningxia and Qinghai, the project has been popularized and applied. During the period of project implementation, about 200 serving products, 4 test base are released and established. In 2013, the project played important role in decision-making service for drought of more 9 million mu farmlands in Northwest China.


Climate decision-making analysis for Hainan's winter cucurbit and vegetables introduction and experimental planting


A project on climate decision-making analysis for Hainan's winter cucurbit and vegetables introduction and experimental planting, which undertaken by Hainan Climate Center, has established agrometeorological 288 databases and main varieties of cucurbit and vegetables database of nationwide 700 stations and 18 main stations in Hainan. In addition, it sets up the analysis system for Hainan's winter cucurbit and vegetables introduction to realize the function of database query, climate similarity analysis, similar images output and others, which contribute to improve the success rate of introduction. Hainan climate center has made the production and demonstration for selected four varieties, and popularize the cultivated areas to make a significant effects. 

Hainan's winter cucurbit and vegetables introduction and experimental planting


Zoning layout results popularization of multispecies rice with high efficient utilization of climate source

A project on the zoning layout results popularization of multispecies rice with high efficient utilization of climate source, which undertaken by Guizhou Mountain Environment Climate Institution established small gridded detailed model of temperature and precipitation, developed argo-meteorological zoning methods of multispecies for rice and realize the optimal configuration and efficient utilization of climate resources and rice varieties. It also develops rice multispecies and refined agro-climatic regionalization application system based on WebGIS. It has developed 12 varieties sowing experiment at different stages in 17 counties, which provides important decision basis for using mountain climate resource, reducing the loss of agrometeorological disasters and expanding the rice planting areas.

The application system


Editor Kong Yan and Hao Jing

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