Space Weather Users Conference of 2012 was held

29-05-2012 Source:China Meteorological News Press


On May 28, 2012 China Meteorological Administration (CMA) space weather users conference was held in Beijing. The theme was to exchange experiences in terms of the space weather services, learn the demands in aviation safety, satellite communication and aerospace TT&C so as to improve China's space weather forecasting and warning services. Deputy Administrator of CMA Yu Rucong attended this conference and delivered a speech.


In the past decade, CMA's space weather business has formed a complete system with space weather monitoring, forecasting and other services. Now, CMA has the capacity of forecasting solar activity, magnetic layer, ionosphere, middle and upper atmosphere and other key elements. The monitoring pattern based on both Feng Yun satellites and the ground-based space weather professionals monitoring network has been established. We have formed the service framework consisting of decision-making service, specific service, public service and user training.


With the development of people's activities and modern technology, space weather such as solar activity and geomagnetic storm has been increasingly influencing our activities. Therefore, it is important to further understand the demands of national security and tackling climate change to the space weather business. We should also define the direction of meeting the demands of socio-economic development, national security and disaster prevention and reduction, the target of promoting space weather forecast and warning capacity as well as the breakthrough of developing self -monitoring and intensifying specific services. Then it is imperative to make use of the domestic and abroad resources, improve monitoring, forecasting and service systems so as to form an international leading space weather business system.


CMA National Space Weather Monitoring and Warning Center was established on June 1, 2002. The main tasks of the center include making overall design and plan of the space weather business, making full use of and concluding the meteorological resources and expertise and strengthening the cooperation with other relevant departments. (May 29)

Editor Kong Yan

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