Experts from the mainland and Taiwan discussed disaster prevention and reduction

19-06-2012 Source:China Meteorological News Press

On June 18, meteorological experts from China Meteorological Society and Taiwan participated in a workshop on meteorological disaster prevention and mitigation in Xiamen.


For the first time, the meteorological communication has been listed into the significant activities of “Strait Forum”. More than 50 meteorological experts from the mainland and Taiwan gathered together exchanged views on strengthening cooperation in terms of meteorological disaster prevention and mitigation, services for the socio-economic development and people’s safety and well-being. They discussed the demands to the meteorological service and expected further communication and cooperation in specific services.

Zhou Zhongdao, Professor of Taiwan University and a well-known meteorological expert said that the meteorological conditions of Fujian and Taiwan were closely related. The meteorological technological communication and cooperation between us would be mutual beneficial. Experts from the mainland and Taiwan would also strengthen cooperation in many fields such as the monitoring system and equipment and the exchanges of forecasting technical.

Fujian and Taiwan are in the upper and lower reaches of the same weather system. With more and more frequent communication across the Strait, the demands of meteorological services are becoming more. Meanwhile, the cooperation between the 2 sides have great potential in atmospheric sounding, weather forecast service, marine fishery, maritime shipping, wave forecast, marine rescue and relief and etc. (Jun 19)


Reporter Wang Fang

Editor Kong Yan

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