CMA and ECMWF will strengthen future cooperation

06-08-2012 Source:China Meteorological News Press

On August 3, Zheng Guoguang, Administrator of CMA met Alan Thorpe, Director-General of ECMWF in Beijing. During the visit, Alan Thorpe exchanged views with Jiao Meiyan, Deputy Administrator of CMA on the future bilateral cooperation. The 2 sides determined to intensify cooperation in terms of meteorological data sharing, R & D of numerical prediction mode especially satellite data assimilation and high-performance computer.


On behalf of CMA, Jiao Meiyan expressed her gratefulness to ECMWF for the long-term support and the bilateral cooperation. She also reviewed the cooperative achievements gained in the past 2 years. CMA and ECMWF have established regular cooperation mechanism and the experts of the 2 sides have taken extensive cooperation and exchange. In the future, CMA will continue to learn the development experience of ECMWF in key fields.

Alan Thorpe said that ECMWF was willing to keeping long-term and stable cooperative relation with CMA especially in terms of observational data sharing, R & D of numerical prediction mode and high performance computer research. He also expected the 2 sides to promote the present cooperation to a strategic level. (Aug 6)


Reporter Sun Nan

Editor Kong Yan

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