Five characteristics of typhoons since flood season this year

24-08-2012 Source:China Meteorological News Press

At 5:15 today, the 14th typhoon Tembin located at Mudan Township, Pingtung County of Taiwan Province. The number of typhoons landing in China in August has exceeded historical extremes so far. Qian Chuanhai, Director of the typhoon and ocean forecast center of CMA, said since the flood season this year, the number of typhoons landing in China is more than normal years. The landing phase is more concentrated and has affected a wider range of areas. Compared to the same period in history, it breaks a number of records.

Firstly, typhoons occurred in higher latitude with a larger number compared with normal years. Currently, the northwest Pacific and the South China Sea have seen 15 typhoons (including tropical storms and higher intensity) and this number is larger than average level (12.8). Typhoons landing on China's northern coast are obviously more than the normal.

Secondly, the number of landing typhoons is larger and accounts for a higher proportion. Up to August 23, landing typhoons in China (6) have been more than the same period in history (3.9).

Thirdly, the landing phase is more concentrated and covers a wider range of areas. Since July 24, there have been six typhoons landing in China with landing sites extending from the South China coast to the north coast.

Fourthly, typhoons strengthened in offshore and landed with high intensity. 4 typhoons that landed in China this year strengthened in offshore. Damrey strengthened in the Yellow Sea and became the strongest typhoons landing along the coast north of the Yangtze River since 1949.

Fifthly, typhoons brought severe rainfall and affected a wider range. Saola, Damrey, Haikui and Kai-tak successively affected most areas of East China, Northeast China and South China and brought heavy rainfall to these areas. The precipitation of some areas broke historical extremes. (Aug. 24)

Reporter He Mengjie

Editor Shi Long

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