Temperature of August was higher and precipitation less

03-09-2012 Source:China Meteorological News Press

It is reported from the press conference of CMA that the mean temperature of August was higher than the normal years. Some places suffered heat wave. As for the precipitation, it was less than the normal years while different places had different conditions. The coastal area of eastern China suffered regional extreme rainfall.


In August, the mean temperature of China was 21.4℃, 0.5℃ higher than the normal 20.9℃. In August, east part of Southwest China and the coastal area of southeast China suffered 18 extreme high temperature events. As for precipitation, the mean precipitation of China was 87.7mm, which was less than the normal years (102.5mm) by 14.4%. Influenced by typhoons, 47 stations of China got extreme continuous rainfall events in Liaoning, Hebei, Shandong and etc.


Experts suggest that September is a transitional month of summer and autumn. Northwest, Northeast and North China are in autumn while south of the Yangtze and South China are still in the flood season. The coastal area of Southeast China should concern the activities of typhoon and strengthen typhoon prevention work. Meanwhile, cold air will intensify in September. So the public people should pay attention to weather change. (Sep 3)


Reporter Liu Chengcheng

Editor Kong Yan

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