David Grimes paid visits in Jiangsu and Shanghai

18-09-2012 Source:China Meteorological News Press

On September 14-17, delegates from Environment Canada paid visits to Jiangsu and Shanghai meteorological departments, accompanied by CMA Deputy Administrator Shen Xiaonong. The delegation was led by Mr. David Grimes, the President of WMO, Assistant Deputy Minister and Head of Environment Canada's Meteorological Service.

In Jiangsu the visiting delegation investigated the construction of meteorological modernization, addressing climate change, decision-making & public meteorological services.

In Shanghai, David Grimes learned the researches on multi-hazard early warning system, landing typhoon forecast, GURME and other pilot programmes of WMO.

Vice Governor of Jiangsu met with David Grimes in Nanjing.

The delegation talked with officials from Jiangsu provincial meteorological bureau.

The delegation visited Shanghai municipal meteorological bureau.

Reporter Cao Ying and Shao Yisi
Editor Zhang Yong

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