Experts from Chinese mainland and Taiwan discussed cooperation

27-09-2012 Source:China Meteorological News Press

On September 26, over 50 meteorological experts and scholars from Chinese mainland and Taiwan gathered together in Fuzhou to participate in the seminar of research products publication of meteorological technological cooperation between Chinese mainland and Taiwan in order to discuss meteorological technological issues such as typhoon research and rainfall research in the plum rain season and the cooperation in meteorological services and development of cooperative research in the future.


Representatives from Chinese mainland and Taiwan highly affirmed the achievements in terms of the cooperation in the past 3 years. They agreed that typhoon, rainstorm and other disastrous weather were the major disasters in Taiwan Strait. So the cooperation and research on this field should be strengthened so as to improve the capacity of disaster prevention and reduction.


Fujian and Taiwan are linked with each other. Fujian meteorological department always actively searches for cooperation and communication with Taiwan. (Sep 26)

Reporter Jiang Ran

Editor Kong Yan

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