Warmer and more rainfall in this flood season

29-09-2012 Source:China Meteorological News Press

In this flood season, China has seen higher temperature and more rainfall than normal years, said the spokesman of China Meteorological Administration (CMA) at the monthly press conference on September 28.

Since July first, the mean temperature of China is 20.4 degrees Celsius, which is higher than the normal temperature (20.0 degrees Celsius). Lower temperature has happened in southern Northeast China, central-eastern Inner Mongolia, North China, and eastern Southwest China. In northern Xinjiang and isolated Tibet, the temperature is 1-2 degrees higher.

As for rainfall, the mean rainfall amount is 404.4mm which is 4.4 percent higher than normal years (387.3mm) and the second most since 1999.

30 percent to one times more than normal rainfall has been witnessed in southern Northeast China, eastern and western North China, central-eastern Inner Mongolia, southwestern and eastern Xinjiang, and western Gansu. While the dry regions are distributed in isolated areas in northern Xinjiang, isolated areas in Tibet, southern Yellow-Huaihe River basin, Yangtze-Hanshui River basin, southern South China, and southeastern Southwest China. In time scale, August has seen less rainfall while more rainfall has happened in June, July, and September. (Sep. 29)      
Reporter Xie Zhongjun
Editor Zhang Yong

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