Natural disasters in China showed 6 features in 2012

07-01-2013 Source:China Meteorological News Press

Recently many departments included Ministry of Civil Affair and General Office of National Committee for Disaster Reduction organized meetings to analyze the conditions of natural disasters of China in 2012.


Disasters affected 290 million people, destroyed 906,000 houses, severely damaged 1.46 million houses and caused direct economic losses of 418.55 billion yuan (66.55 billion U.S. dollars) on the Chinese mainland, according to a joint statement from the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the office of the National Committee for Disaster Reduction.


In 2012, the main disasters included flood, geological disaster, typhoon and hail. Drought, earthquake, snowstorm, sandstorm and forest fire also hit. The features of the natural disasters were as follows:


1st, the distribution of disasters were large. In some regions, the disasters were quite serious. 31 provinces and over 2600 counties (regions and cities) suffered disasters. 2nd, spring and summer floods in southern China were remarkable and floods in northern China were severe. Spring floods in many provinces of southern China were earlier. In summer, 21 rainstorm processes hit. 3rd, typhoons frequently landed with large-scale influences. 10 typhoons influenced the mainland China, among which 7 landed in the coastal areas. 4th, in some places, hail disaster was serious while drought disaster was remarkably light. 5th, earthquakes hit western China frequently and low temperature and snow disaster hit northern China. The mainland China suffered 16 earthquakes whose magnitudes were above 5. All these were in western China. In winter of 2012, the average temperature of China was lower than the long term average. From November, China has got 7 remarkable temperature drop processes. 6th, poor regions frequently suffered severe disasters.


Reporter Kong Yan

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