Yu Rucong suggested coordinating to tackle fog and haze

04-03-2013 Source:China Meteorological News Press

Members of CPPCC focus on the hot “fog and haze control” in the 2 sessions of 2013. Yu Rucong, Member of CPPCC and Deputy Administrator of CMA suggests that the government should coordinate to take fundamental research on fog and haze and strengthen capacity building of fog and haze monitoring, forecasting and warning.


Yu Rucong said that although common people knew that fog and haze were mixture of vapors and tiny pollution particles, the relevant details needed to be studied.


“It is imperative to improve scientific understanding of fog and haze so as to push forward specialized responsive measures.” Yu stressed. Based on this, he suggested government promoting investment in relevant research as well as establishing research and coordination mechanisms among environmental protection, health, traffic, meteorological, and other relevant departments.


From the aspects of China’s current developing stage and natural conditions, we can find that fog and haze weather will sustain. Yu explained that it was impossible for us to significantly reduce emissions of pollutants. The forming cause of fog and haze lies in 2 aspects: the existing vapors and pollution sources and stable air condition. It’s worth noting that in China, especially in eastern China, the natural conditions are most beneficial for forming fog and haze weather compared with other continents. So weather is an important cause of forming fog and haze.


It is imperative to establish an effective fog and haze monitoring system. Yu believed that the present observation methods, techniques and standards still had weak points. He suggested taking coordination and deployment in the national level, establishing a scientific and reasonable monitoring system and taking refined forecasting and warning. Meanwhile, it was also important to establish relevant information publication and emergency response mechanism.


Yu also emphasized to strengthen popular science publicity of fog and haze weather so as to help the public people understand the cause and influence, take preventive measures as well as improve the awareness of environmental protection, reduce emission of pollution sources and jointly protect the environment.


Reporter Zhang Yong

Editor Kong Yan

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