Met departments strengthen spring flood monitoring

10-04-2013 Source:China Meteorological News Press

Since the past March, rain and snow continuously hit Northeast China. Temperature has been low and soil thaw slowly. So preparations for ploughing and sowing and spring sowing have been challenged. It is reported from CMO that in the coming 10 days, some new cold air will influence northern China again. So the temperature will sustain to be low. Temperature of Northeast China will be lower than the long term average. Such weather will badly influence spring sowing. Therefore, CMA and the meteorological bureaus of Heilongjiang, Liaoning and Jilin strengthen monitoring and consulting service to provide meteorological service for spring ploughing and sowing.


In Jilin Province, the local meteorological bureau strengthens soil moisture and temperature monitoring services. Meteorological experts go to farmland to investigate agricultural meteorological condition and send specific reports to relevant bureaus. They also give suggestions to farmers.


Liaoning meteorological bureau provides monitoring and warning service for farmers. On April 2, Liaoning meteorological research institute organized a meeting to consult the climate and soil conditions and condition, influence and trend of ground temperature.


Heilongjiang meteorological bureau prioritizes service for spring sowing in the work agenda. Meteorological technicians go to farmland to offer service. Everyday meteorological information is sent to villages and farmers by SMS, telephone and tax so as to reduce influence of low temperature and snowfall to agriculture.


Editor Kong Yan

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