16 new weather radars serve this flood season

04-06-2013 Source:China Meteorological News Press

It is reported from CMA Department of Integrated Observations that from June 1, 16 new weather radars have been in operation in Yichuan of Heilongjiang, Taizhou of Zhejiang and Sanya of Hainan. Relevant services such as radar operation observation, data transmission and some others have also been carried out. These new radars will be used in nowcasting services for monitoring typhoon, severe convective weather and other emergency events.


It is introduced that to the end of 2015, 216 new weather radars will be constructed and put into use in China. Until the end of last year, 178 radars have been constructed among which over 160 are in operation already. The weather radar net covering key places of China have been fundamentally formed which can provide 24-hour real-time forecasting radar observational data for forecasting services in the flood season.


Editor Kong Yan

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