Typhoon Haiyan to enter into South China Sea tomorrow

08-11-2013 Source:Central Meteorological Office

This year's No.30 typhoon Haiyan (level of super typhoon) has landed on Leyte Island of Philippines in this morning. Haiyan is forecasted to enter into southeastern South China Sea in the morning of Nov.9.


Haiyan track forecast in next 48 hours from 5:00 today.

Gale forecast of Haiyan for next 24 hours from 8:00 today. (Light blue:scale 7-8, Blue:scale 9-10,Yellow:over scale 11)

From this daytime to night, Baishi Channel, eastern South China Sea will get scale 7-8 gale even scale 10-11.  (Nov.8)

Editor: Hao Jing

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