Wetter and warmer year, says annual climate bulletin

14-01-2014 Source:China Meteorological News Press

Wetter and warmer conditions with multiple meteorological disasters highlight climate last year, says the annual climate bulletin released by the China Meteorological Administration (CMA) today.

In 2013, the national average precipitation of China is 653.5mm, 4 percent higher than normal years. The average temperature is 10.2 degrees Celsius, 0.6 degrees Celsius higher than normal years, and the fourth warmest year since 1961, said Mr Song Lianchun, Director-general of National Climate Centre at a press conference on January 14 in Beijing.

The Bulletin shows that in 2013, the strongest heat wave since 1951 hit southern China. Northeast China, Northwest China, and Sichuan Basin saw severe heavy rain and floods. The rainfall in Songhua River basin in northeast China was the most since 1951. With more precipitation than normal, Song said due to small coverage and light intensity of the agro-meteorological disasters in major grain growing regions, the weather and climate conditions for agriculture production were generally favorable.

2013 was also a busy year for typhoon, during which there were 31 typhoons formed in northwestern Pacific ocean and South China Sea, 5.5 more than normal years. 9 typhoons made landfall in China, with 2 more than average. Over the year, typhoons caused 199 death, 67 missing and economic loss up to 120 billion Yuan. Warmer ocean, active convection and suitable circulation patterns contributed to the active typhoon season, said Song.

In 2013, the central and eastern China saw 16 average foggy days, 8 days less than normal years, and the least since 1961. The average haze days were 36, 27 days more than normal and the most since 1961. (Jan. 14)
Reporter Xu Wenbin
Editor Zhang Yong      

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