Met departments used navigation satellite to observe sea ice

20-02-2014 Source:China Meteorological News Press

Recently, the field observation on the scientific research project of sea ice has finished.  This project is undertaken by CMA Meteorological Observation Center, Meteorological Scientific Institute of Tianjin, Shanghai Ocean University and other organizations.


The project group reflected signal by Beidou Satellite and American GPS navigational satellite to collect observation data twice every day. Meanwhile, the group also sent special worker to develop manual observation to check error.

Using navigation satellite to observe sea ice is the first time in China whole meteorological department. It not only monitors the areas of sea ice, but also develops dynamic intensive observation. In addition, the observation methods also realized real-time monitoring for thickness of sea ice. Tianjin meteorological bureau will take the opportunity to develop regular observation on sea ice, build integrated observation station and add observation methods for sea fog, sea wind and other factors.  (Feb.20)


Editor: Hao Jing

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