Met condition of March was sound for agricultural production

02-04-2014 Source:China Meteorological News Press

On April 1, it was reported from the press conference of China Meteorological Administration that in the past March was generally better than the same period of last year. The light and water conditions were beneficial for agricultural production.


According to the monitoring, in March, the average temperature of most agricultural regions were similar to 1 to 4℃ higher than normal years. In Northeast China, the heat condition was better than last year while precipitation was less. As for the south, rainfall days of many places were over 5. Some places of Guangdong, Guangxi and Fujian suffered regional short-term gale and hail.


It is introduced by Chen Zhenlin, Director-General of CMA Department of Emergency Response, Disaster Reduction and Public Service that in the first half of March, the heat condition was bad while in the last half the condition became sound. Light condition was similar to normal years. Soil moisture has been the best since the past 5 years.


It is predicted that in the coming 10 days, temperature of northern China will be high. Precipitation of South China will be more. Northwest and North China will suffer dust and wind.


Editor Kong Yan

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