China will build comprehensive integrated observing system in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

10-04-2014 Source:China Meteorological News Press

On April 9, it was reported from the 1st leading team’s meeting of the 3rd atmospheric experiment in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau that the experiment would be officially initiated this year. Then China would build 3-dimentional comprehensive integrated observing system in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the surrounding area. China Meteorological Administration (CMA), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and National Natural Science Foundation (NNSF) have jointly established the leading team and expert panel.


Administrator of CMA Zheng Guoguang and other experts and academicians participating in the experiment attended the meeting.


On behalf of the leading team, Zheng Guoguang expressed his gratitude to the long term support of CAS, NNSF, Ministry of Science and Technology and all the experts and scholars who participated in the experiment. He expected that the scientific experiment to strengthen coordination to guarantee all the tasks to be finished smoothly, intensify the integration of experiment and research and cooperation with relevant Chinese and overseas departments and promote talents training to establish a scientific innovation team.


In 2014, China will build key parameter observing station to collect key data of the features of ground and boundary. Comprehensive observing system with plateau ground, upper air, radar and satellite will be established, too. More scientific research will be deepened based on these observing data so as to promote China’s meteorological forecasting and predicting capacities.


Editor Kong Yan

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