CMA experts offered technical support for Pakistan met dept.

04-05-2014 Source:China Meteorological News Press

From April 21 to 26, China Meteorological Administration (CMA) sent 3 experts from National Meteorological Center and National Meteorological Information Center to Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) to offer technical maintenance and training of CMACast and MICAPS. PMD prized the technical support of CMA.


In the 4-day visit, CMA experts checked and updated the outside and satellite receiving instruments of Islamabad National Weather Forecasting Center and Karachi Aviation Forecasting Center.


This mission of foreign technical assistance was successful since the preparations before the visit and the support of Pakistan in terms of MICAPS development, data maintenance and forecasting business application.


The English version of MICAPS 3.1 was developed by CMA National Meteorological Center. As a significant professional client software, it has been donated to 19 Asian countries and regions together with CMACast.


Editor Kong Yan

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