CMA to strengthen weather and climate forecasting model development

26-05-2014 Source:China Meteorological News Press

On May 23, CMA Department of Forecasting and Networking organized a seminar to discuss the developing strategy of weather and climate forecasting model. Relevant units introduced the developing conditions and future plans of European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts and Met Office and exchanged views on the developing conditions, challenges and future demand of China’s weather and climate forecasting model.


Deputy Administrators of CMA Xu Xiaofeng and Jiao Meiyan, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences Zhou Xiuji and Academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering Ding Yihui and Song Junqiang and other experts participated in the seminar.


The experts gave many suggestions on the development of China’s weather and climate forecasting model. They pointed out to intensity independent innovation, assessment of relevant techniques and the construction of scientific organization system.


Xu said that the development of weather and climate forecasting model was a strategic issue, which was essential for CMA’s scientific developing strategy. It was important for scientists and managers to joint together to deepen cooperation and push forward the development.


Jiao stressed that we should take practical responsive measures, strengthen scientific research and management to support the construction of core techniques.

Editor Kong Yan

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