China released annual green book of climate change

06-11-2014 Source:China Meteorological News Press


On November 5, China's 6th green book of climate change was released at a press conference held in Beijing by the jointly laboratory of climate change and economics simulation between Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS)-China Meteorological Administration (CMA).

With the theme of scientific understanding and political debates, the 400-page book shows detailed studies on China’s role in international climate negotiations, UN climate change negotiation process, outcomes and analysis of IPCC fifth report, carbon dioxide emission peak in China, and special research topics.

“Based on China’s current stage of economic and social development, it can not change its inherent nature as a development until it accomplishes industrialization and urbanization,” emphasized the book. International climate change agreement should take into account of the different levels and status quo of its Parties. 

The book systematically explains reports of the three working groups of the IPCC and the highlights key conclusions of the reports. It also analyses China’s participation in building the international climate regime.

As a big emitter, China’s mitigation target, actions and Green House Gas emission peak attract global attention. The book analyses the development stages of China and its future trend and discusses the potential timeframe and scope of China to reach its emission peak. By looking into the trend of China’s industrialization, urbanization, population growth, energy development and consumption, and employing a historic and systematic approach, it projects that emission peak of China may occur between 2025 to 2035.

The fifth section covers the special research topics over water resources and security, carbon market, land coverage and utilization, climate change adaptation strategy, climate change and human health, public awareness of climate change, synergy control of GHG emissions, haze surveillance mechanism and analysis, shale gas development and low carbon city development.

The press conference was attended by Dr Zheng Guoguang, Administrator of CMA; Dr Cai Fang, Deputy President of CASS; Academician Du Xiangwan, former Deputy President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering; Academician Ding Yihui, with National Climate Centre; Dr Pan Jiahua, Director-general of the Institute for Urban and Environmental Studies, CASS; and other representatives from Ministries and institutes.
Reporter Xu Wenbin
Editor Zhang Yong

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