Refined services provided for the APEC meeting in Beijing

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CMA held a special consultation for APEC meeting on November 7.

With blue sky and clean air, the APEC meeting concluded in Beijing on November 11. To ensure the success of the meeting, China Meteorological Administration (CMA) played an important role in weather forecast especially in prediction of calm atmospheric conditions which contributes to hazy weather. 


CMA attached great importance to the services for APEC meeting. The meteorological services were provided from the early preparations of the meeting. A leading work group was established including sections of forecast, weather modification, and services since this year. 

Dr. Zheng Guoguang discussed with forecasters in Beijing Municipal Meteorological Bureau on APEC meeting on November 7.


To ensure better forecast, CMA formed a unified weather consultation mechanism which was involved by Beijing Climate Centre, National Meteorological Centre, and meteorological observatories of Beijing, Hebei, Tianjin, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia and others. Before the 22nd APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting, an intense weather consultation was implemented.


To support the events, CMA and Beijing Meteorological Bureau provided refined forecasts for locations such as Yanxi Lake, and Olympic Park, where high profile meetings took place.


Foggy or hazy weather and air quality are big concerns of the government. To meet this need, CMA had reinforced capabilities in monitoring and forecasting of fog, haze and air quality. In this field, CMA and Ministry of Environment established a joint atmospheric and environmental supporting mechanism.

On-site meteorological services at the Beijing Olympic Park on November 10.


Before and during the meeting, refined weather forecast including wind, precipitation, moisture, temperature, and climate analysis and trend forecast for decision-making were provided to the organizing body and the Beijing Municipal Government.


Besides the services for meeting, daily forecasts and special suggestions for city operation and traffic were also timely provided.


On the basis of weather forecast and decision-making suggestions from CMA, strict emission control was implemented in Beijing and the neighboring provinces, which ensured blue sky and good air quality during the meeting despite of calm atmospheric conditions. (Nov. 12)

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