CMA first weather modification aircraft to be put into operation in 2015

14-11-2014 Source:China Meteorological News Press

The Modern Ark 60(MA60) aircraft with "Chinese Meteorology" was showed in the 10th airshow on Nov.11. China Meteorological Administration (CMA) bought this aircraft in order to offer supports for the weather modification project in Northeast China. The aircraft is the CMA's first one to apply to the weather modification. 

CMA buys the aircraft for weather modification firstly.


This aircraft will put into operation officially in 2015 and mainly used for weather modification, atmospheric sounding in Northeast China and other regions. CMA installs catalytic settings and observation equipment for MA60 aircraft to improve performance of catalyst loading and detection.


The weather modification project of Northeast China aims to improve the capabilities of weather modification in offering supports for food security, drought resisting, disaster reduction and others. CMA's aircrafts buying for weather modification has changed the history of renting aircraft. (Nov.14)


Editor Hao Jing

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