China Meteorological News Press

02-08-2008 Source:

    Operational Scope:

   The Chinese Meteorological News Press, which is directly under the Chinese Meteorological Administration, is the news and outreach unit.
    The most important responsibilities of the Chinese Meteorological News Press are: to publicize the Party line, guidelines, and policy; especially concerning weather service guidelines and policy. Also publicize the important decision making and spirit of Party leadship group of China Meteorological  Administration, publicize the achievements of Weather department's development, reform, and innovation, report on scientific research results; introduce the weather service's eight different professions and foreign weather scientific and technological advancements, new breakthroughs,etc. Defined roles are as follows:


    1. Preside over Chinese Meteorological News editing, publishing, distribution etc.

    2. Preside over CMA website's news information (Chinese and English website) editing, issuance, management etc. Preside over management and establishment of the Chinese Meteorological News website.
    3. Editing, publishing, and distribution of Chinese Meteorological News internal reference.
    4. Editing and publishing of Internet abstracts



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