China is among the few countries in the world which are simultaneously operating both geostationary and polar-orbiting meteorological satellites. So far, China has successfully launched 6 polar-orbiting and 6 geostationary meteorological satellites. The following 7 satellites are currently functioning in orbit: FY-1D, FY-3A, FY-3B, FY-2C, FY-2D and FY-2E and FY-2F. The technologies used in FY-1 polar-orbiters have been upgraded, and they are operating in a network covering both morning and af...[detail]
CMACast is the updated satellite data broadcast system of CMA based on DVB-S2 technology with both file and multimedia transmission capability. It is a major component of CMA national and international data dissemination network. CMACast is also a major component of IGDDS and GEONETCast. Additional information of CMACast can be found on CMA WIS Portal.[detail]  
  MICAPS was developed from 1994, and was released version 1 in 1997,version 2 in 2002 and version 3 in 2007. Thanks to the 17-year sustained development, MICAPS has become an internationally advanced weather forecast production system built on proprietary technologies, integrated the novel forecast technologies and techniques developed by China Meteorological Administration, and promoted S&T advancements in the meteorological community, raised the accuracy of forecasts in an effective and sust...[detail]
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