March 23 is the 58th World Meteorological Day, with the theme of “Weather-ready, climate-smart. It aims to...[More]
World Meteorological Day falls on March 23 each year. This year, colorful commemorative activities have bee...[More]
"Weather-ready, climate-smart"–this is the theme chosen for World Meteorological Day 2018. If we add the slogan water-wise, we complete the circle of fundamental elements that power sustainable development. Weather, climate and water are vital to public well-being, health and food security. But they can also be destructive. High-impact events like tropical cyclones, heavy rainfall, heatwaves, droughts, winter storms and freezing temperatures have taken lives and livelihoods throughout the ag...[More]

Alain Ratier: making the best use of increasingly accurate reliable and widely available forecasts of weather

Societies and economies around the world are more and more vulnerable and sensitive to high impact weather events, and even more in our changing climate, as the intensity and frequency of extremes ...[More]

Florence Rabier: Weather-ready and climate-smart is a strong scientific direction for ECMWF

This year’s theme of World Meteorological Day highlights the intimate relation between weather and climate, and "weather-ready and climate-smart" is something that is the essence of ECMWF's work. ...[More]
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