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CMA Administrator calls for protecting earth on occasion of World Meteorological Day

Source:China Meteorological News Press23-03-2021

On 23 March, 2021, Mr. Zhuang Guotai, the Administrator of China Meteorological Administration (CMA) makes a message on the occasion of World Meteorological Day 2021, highlighting the key role of ocean in disaster mitigation and calling for protecting earth.

Natural environment such as weather, climate, and water are closely related to the survival and development of human beings. March 23, 2021 marks the 61st World Meteorological Day, with the theme of “the ocean, our climate and weather”, which aims to gain further insight into the inseparable relationship between the ocean, climate and weather, as well as to commemorate the start of the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030).

China is strongly affected by all kinds of extreme weather and climate events, with a warming earth, and now making efforts to manage climate risks and utilize climate resources as well to adapt to climate change and variability. Zhuang says that CMA attaches great importance to the development of meteorological services, scientific and technological research for the ocean. In recent years, CMA has initially established a marine meteorological observation network based mainly on coastal waters, as well as remote sensing monitoring services of polar-orbit and geostationary meteorological satellites covering offshore and inshore areas of China. It has realized the marine meteorological grid forecast service with the resolution of 10 kilometers and formed the complete meteorological observation system for the ocean. CMA utilizes marine meteorological information stations, maritime radio stations, and BDS to release ocean meteorological information, and provides services for the needs of ports and transoceanic shipping, offshore oil development, offshore fishery breeding, and marine fishing.

Through persistent efforts, CMA has made steady progress in improving the capabilities of meteorological monitoring, forecasting and early warning for the ocean. The prediction accuracy rate of El Nino and La Nina events 6 months in advance has reached 80%. The 24-hour track forecast error of the Northwest Pacific typhoons has been reduced to within 70 kilometers. The technology of typhoon positioning, forecasting and early warning has been improved. National Meteorological Centre of CMA has designated as a regional specialized meteorological centre of marine meteorology by WMO. In 2019, China’s self-developed ocean-going meteorological navigation system was fully put into operation, to provide customized service for ships to travel.

In the future, CMA will continuously working, to enhance the construction of marine observation, forecasting and early warning platforms, improve the forecasting level of typhoons, sea winds, sea fog, severe convection and other disastrous weather. CMA will continue to seek solutions for the ecological environment challenges introduced by the ocean, weather, and climate. CMA is committed to provide greatest supports for the “safe ocean”, “predicted ocean” and “transparent ocean” goals of the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030), and effectively serve the construction of a new development pattern. (Mar.23)

Editor Hao Jing