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Mr. YU Yong, Deputy Administrator of CMA

11-10-2017Source:China Meteorological Administration

Mr. YU Yong, born in 1962 in Heyuan, Guangdong Province, started his career in August 1983. He obtained B.S and Master’s Degrees in climatology from the Nanjing Institute of Meteorology and the Nanjing University respectively, and he is a senior engineer.

September 1979--July 1983: B.S Degree in climatology, Nanjing Institute of Meteorology (now known as the Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology)

August 1983--September 1986: Forecaster and then Deputy Section Chief, Central Meteorological Observatory of Guangdong Meteorological Service (GMS)

September 1986--July 1989: Master’s Degree in climatology, Department of Meteorology, Nanjing University

Since July 1989: served successively as technical developer, GMS Central Meteorological Observatory; Deputy Section Chief of Computer Technical Development &Application; and Section Chief of Short-term Events Monitoring and Forecasting, Guangdong Meteorological Service

Since October 1992: Deputy Director, GMS Central Meteorological Observatory, and then Deputy Director, Guangzhou Meteorological Service and Deputy Secretary of its CPC Leading Group

Since April 1995: Director, GMS Central Meteorological Observatory, and then Director, Guangzhou Meteorological Service and Secretary of its CPC Leading Group

Since September 1996: Director, GMS Central Telecommunication Office, and Director, Guangzhou Meteorological Information Center

Since December 1998: Deputy Director-General of GMS and Member of CPC Leading Group of GMS (and concurrently served as Head of GMS Discipline Inspection Group from December 1998 to March 2001)

Since February 2004: Director-General of GMS and Secretary of CPC Leading Group of GMS

Since March 2011: Director-General, CMA General Office and Emergency Response Office (and concurrentlyserved as Director-General of CMA Communication and Outreach Centre from June 2012 onwards, and Director-General of CMA Modernization Programme Office from April 2013 onwards)

Since September 2017: Deputy Administrator of CMA, and Member of CPC Leading Group of CMA

Assisting the Administrator in managing meteorological services, emergency response and disasters mitigation, international cooperation and weather modification. He is currently in charge of Department of Emergency Response, Disaster Mitigation and Public Services and Department of International Cooperation, and in charge of contacting National Meteorological Center, National Climate Center, CMA Public Meteorological Service Center, Foreign Affairs Service Center, and Meteorological Services Association and meteorological services in Northeast and Northwest China.