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Meteorological Observation Center

CMA Meteorological Observation Center (MOC) is a state-level basic meteorological institution focusing on meteorological services and researches. It aims to become anoperation and maintenance center for meteorological observation systems, a development center for meteorological observation data and products, an experiment and evaluation center for meteorological observation equipment, a center for formulating meteorological observation standards and codes, an R&D center for meteorological observation methods and technology, and a calibration and test center for meteorological observation instruments.

Main missions:

It is responsible for the operation monitoring to the national meteorological comprehensive observation system, the check and inspection of new instrument and equipment, the quantity transmission, measurement calibration and test evaluation of meteorological instruments and equipment, the operation maintenance and technical support to comprehensive meteorological survey instruments, the quality evaluation to meteorological comprehensive observation system, the evaluation to meteorological observation environment, the data quality control, R&D and production of meteorological observation products, the standard definition, tour check, maintenance and technical guidance to nationwide meteorological radars, the development of construction guidance, technical specifications, observation criteria and maintenance plans for meteorological radars, the construction and operation monitoring of state-level lightning monitoring network, the supply and arrangement of nationwide meteorological equipment and weather modification operation equipment, the technical guidance of emergency observation system, the coordination and arrangement of meteorological emergency issues and the ex-work acceptance of meteorological technical equipment and strategic equipment etc.