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National Meteorological Information Center

As an ancillary institution to the China Meteorological Administration (CMA), the National Meteorological Information Center (NMIC), also called Beijing High Performance Computer Research Center, undertakes the mission of the operation, management, maintenance, construction and service of the state-level meteorological basic information, computers, backbone networks and telecommunication resources. 

Main missions:
It is responsible for drafting the development plan of meteorological information network system, developing technical specifications and criteria for the meteorological information network, and offering technical instructions to the meteorological information network and service. It also undertakes the meteorological telecommunication, the construction and operation of state-level LAN, CMANET, CMACAST and CMA Intranet, the construction, operation, coordination and technical support services for national emergency communication system, the tasks of GISC of the World Meteorological Organization, the construction and operation of GISC Beijing, the exchange of global earth environmental data, the high-performance meteorological computation, the construction, operation and technical support of state-level high-performance computing system, the initiation of the construction and operation of CMA Grid, the researches on meteorological data quality control, evaluation methods, data products processing algorithms and R&D, and the production of various basic information sets and data products etc.