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CMA Public Meteorological Service Center

Founded in 2008, the CMA Public Meteorological Service Center (PMSC) is an institution directly subordinating to China Meteorological Administration(CMA). PMSC is mainly responsible for releasing and publicizing meteorological information and emergency public incident early warning information to state-level media, offering professional meteorological services to transport, power, hydrology, geology and other sectors, meteorological services, meteorological popularization and meteorological service evaluation to sectors for wind energy and solar energy exploitation and technical guidance to nationwide public meteorological service agencies. 


So far, PMSC has developed into a state-level meteorological service institution integrating the functions of meteorological disaster defense, public meteorological service, major events meteorological service, professional meteorological service, climate resource development and application and meteorological sci-tech service. In recent years, PMSC has continuously improved its business service and R&D ability and taken the lead in national key projects, such as the national emergency incident early warning release system, national public meteorological service products database, meteorological service platform for 3G mobile communication system, and wind farm's electricity power forecast system etc.