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China Meteorological News Press

As an institution directly subordinating to China Meteorological Administration (CMA), China Meteorological News Press (CMNP), a main force in meteorological news publicity, is a platform for meteorological public opinion, an outlet of meteorological news, a means formeteorological service, a garden for meteorological popularization and a position for meteorological culture. China Meteorological News, started publication in 1989 by CMNP, is publicized on each Friday with more than 70,000 domestic subscribers. Since 2007, CMNP has been responsible for the Chinese and English website portals of CMA. CMNP shoulders the responsibilities of timely reporting meteorological work, following meteorological sci-tech development, analyzing severe meteorological disasters, popularizing meteorological sci-tech knowledge, serving for national economy and people's livelihood, and creating good public opinion for the scientific development of meteorological work.

In addition, CMNP is also responsible for the maintenance and development of cma-lpinfo.gov.cn (China Lightning Protection Information), China meteorological news image library and zgqxb.com.cn (New Meteorology).