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Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences

Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences (CAMS) is one of the highest and comprehensive meteorological research institutions in China. CAMS is attached to China Meteorological Administration, and supported by both China Meteorological Administration and Ministry of Science and Technology of China. Its predecessor was the Central Meteorological Research Institute found in August 1956, which was renamed as Academy of Meteorological Sciences of the Central Meteorological Service in 1978 and changed to the present name in 1991. CAMS is a multi-disciplinary and comprehensive research institution. While it concentrates on research area of applied meteorology, it also takes the basic research of atmospheric science as its main projects.


The main purpose of CAMS is to engage itself in the research of most advanced basic atmospheric science and turn the most recent research results into operational use, so that to provide firm support to the sustainable development of meteorological service and extension of service areas and meet the needs of social and economic development in China.


Main Areas of Scientific Research

1.Development of new models for disastrous weather events and short-term climate prediction;

2.Theoretic studies on the formation of severe weather and its forecast;

3.Earth environment and global change;

4.Research on weather modification;

5.Research on atmospheric sounding technology;

6.Applied research on agrometeorology and remote sensing technology.