The 2017 Seminar on Meteorological Forecasts for Developing Countries opened in NUIST


Sponsored by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce and locally hosted by WMO RTC Nanjing, the 2017 Seminar on Meteorological Forecasts for Developing Countries held in NUIST on the afternoon of April 14th. Jiang Jianqing, the president of Nuist and director of WMO RTC Nanjing, addressed the opening ceremony held by Wang Suchun, the executive deputy director of WMO RTC Nanjing. participants from Columbia, Sudan, Palestain, Lesotho, South Sudan, Zimbabwe, and Panama attended the ceremony.

On the opening ceremony, President Jiang expressed warmest welcome to all the participants. He affirmed that forecasts are fundamental to meteorological operations, constituting a key area of capacity building for meteorological professionals. The timeliness, accuracy and effectiveness of meteorological services can be traced ultimately to conceptions and capabilities in forecasts. In view of this, regular training events and seminars have become a necessity for talent cultivation and capacity building in meteorology in developing countries. It is hoped that through this seminar, the technical principles and conceptions of meteorological forecasts can be revisited, and relevant mechanisms and operational models in numerical weather forecasts, meteorological radars and satellites are to be introduced and shared. It’s also expected that this event will work as a forum of academic and professional exchanges on related topics.

Mrs. Claudia Muneramesa from Colombian Ministry of Hydrologic addressed the opening ceremony on behalf of all the participants, expressing the urgency of finding and reviewing the fundamental theories of meteorological forecasts as well as applying new technology and equipment in work. Therefore, she expected that the meteorological forecast and services through this training can be strengthened. According to the requirements of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, the seminar will have a study tour to Shanghai Meteorological Service. (May. 10)

Source: NUIST

Editor: Liu Shuqiao