The second international training course on climate change adaptation is opened in Beijing

24-11-2017Source:China Meteorological News Press

On November 9, the second international training course on climate change adaption to is opened in Beijing. This training course is a two-week program hosted by National Reform and Development Commission (NDRC) and China Meteorological Administration Training Centre (CMATC), which aims to help officials from developing countries enhance capabilities to implement and participate in climate change adaptation, scale up exchanges and cooperation of developing countries in professional area of climate change.

Representing trainees, Arthur Gar-Glahn, Director of Liberia Meteorological Service hoped that this training can inform him of more relevant knowledge speaking the opening ceremony.

This training course is composed of 26 trainees from 17 countries and regions, including 7 least developed countries, 2 small island countries, and 9 countries along the “Belt and Road”.

So far, CMATC has trained 88 trainees in terms of climate changed-related programs, which contributes its share to China’s South-South cooperative program in addressing climate change. (Nov. 13)

Reporter: Deng Jingmian, Gao Feng

Editor: Liu Shuqiao