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International training course for FY-4A satellite product application kicked off in China

Source:China Meteorological News Press06-07-2018

On June 27, International Training Course for FY-4A Satellite Product Application was inaugurated in China Meteorological Training Centre (CMTC) (WMO-RTC Beijing). This training course belongs to one of the foreign assistance training course of WMO-VCP that CMA participates in. It has recruited 22 international trainees from 15 countries like Mongolia, Algeria, and so on.

Mr. Lu Feng, Deputy Chief Engineer of FY-4A ground application system introduced that this training fixated on meteorological satellite program in China, observation capabilities of FY-4A, support for Belt and Road, FY satellites products, data acquisition, and so on.

This training course,which lasts for two weeks, focuses on FY-series satellite product application, involving the mastery of application approaches of FY geostationary meteorological satellite products (FY-4A in particular) in areas such as environmental and natural disaster monitoring, weather prediction, and climate projection.

It is informed that since May, 2018, FY-series satellite has entered operational state 2 years in advance. This training has introduced FY-4A imaging products, sand and dust index products, atmospheric wind farm products, and precipitation assessment products to international users and provided the international version of FY-4A application visible software SWAP to users.

In this training, the trainees put forward many suggestions around FY-4 data reception and its application. (July. 6)

Reporter: Zhang Weiou, Deng Jingmian

Editor: Liu Shuqiao