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NUIST hosted a seminar for Countries along “Belt and Road” on meteorological disaster management


From June 20 to July 10, Seminar for Countries along “Belt and Road” on Meteorological Disaster Management and Information Emergency Response Service was held in Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology (NUIST, WMO Nanjing Training Centre). 18 trainees from 6 countries of Myanmar, Mozambique, Zambia, Ethiopia, Azerbaijan, and Ukraine attended this seminar.

This seminar revolves around the topic of meteorological disaster management and information emergency response service. The lectures encompass features and occurence principles of predominant meteorological disasters in countries along “Belt and Road”, disaster hazard management harnessing modern information technologies, and public meteorological services. Trainees have also conducted field trips to meteorological institutions like Fujian Meteorologcial Service.

Ruslan Reviakin from Ukraine remarked that he gained a better understanding of how China responded to natural disasters and learned to apply meteorological disaster management technologies to their practical disaster reduction and relief operation.

Xavier Gulele from Mozambique hoped that this seminar could serve as a platform to solidify country-to-country relationship, mutual exchanges, timely communication of information, thus elevating capabilities to tackle global meteorological disasters. (July. 23)

Source: NUIST

Editor: Liu Shuqiao