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Seminar on precipitation runoff modeling in Iraq and climate change held in NUIST

Source:China Meteorological News Press19-02-2020

On December 26, Seminar on precipitation runoff modeling in Iraq and climate change was rounded out in WMO Regional Training Centre of  Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology (NUIST).

Expert expressed that climate change exerted impacts on all aspects of human life and extreme weather incurred colossal personnel and property losses. The seminar lasted for 10 days and invited top-tier experts from NUIST and other institutions. 20 trainees from all departments of Iraq were trained. The seminar aimed to share Chinas knowledge and experience. Trainees were informed about hydro-meteorological services. He also hoped that trainees could have a deeper understanding of Chinas culture.

Trainees expressed that the seminar was interesting and informative, which could elevate their capacity to combat climate change. China and Iraq enjoyed long lasting cooperative partnership with each other. In response to climate change, the two countries should consolidate cooperation and jointly handle challenges and opportunities. They hoped that in the following few year, China and Iraq could carry out more collaboration and exchanges, especially in terms of climate change and water resources management. (Feb. 19)

Editor: Liu Shuqiao