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China-KMA Joint SDS Monitoring Network Training Workshop held in Beijing

Source:China Meteorological News Press18-12-2019

From December 3 to 5, CMA-KMA Joint SDS Monitoring Network Training Workshop was held in Beijing. This is the first bilateral training course held in China since both sides carried out sand and dust storm joint monitoring in 2005.

The training course encompassed 15 featured reports, including contents like observation technology, sand and dust storm monitoring and prediction, data analysis and quality control algorithm, and online monitoring technical training and practice. 21 operational and management personnel from Korean Meteorological Administration (KMA) and meteorological departments of Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Liaoning, Jilin, and Shandong of China participated in the training.

Its success has ramped up the theoretical level and instrument and facility operational capacity of operational and technical personnel from both countries, reinforced the bilateral cooperation and exchanges in atmospheric component observation, and provided significant technical support for the joint sand and dust storm project operation.

According to the bilateral agreement on meteorological cooperation, both sides have co-constructed 10 joint monitoring stations of sand and dust storm. The acquired monitoring data has enabled more accurate monitoring and prediction of the two countries, and improved the service capacity of meteorological departments for the society. (Dec. 18)

Author: Fang Dongqing

Editor: Liu Shuqiao