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New global weather prediction product put into operation

Source:China Meteorological News Press25-05-2020

Recently, National Meteorological Center (NMC) organized experts to carry out operational review of global objective weather prediction product V1.1. The expert panel reached the consensus that the technical route of the product operation was science-based and feasible, with good prediction performance, and stable operation. The panel suggested that it should be put into operation.

Global objective weather prediction product V1.1 is produced by CMA-GOWFS two times a day on a real-time basis. It can provide 10-kilometer grid point refined weather forecast at 3-hour interval within ten days of 11621 cities across the world and prediction at 12-hour interval of the local time. CMA-GOWFS adopts the latest international multi-model and multi-approach prediction dynamic integration technical roadmap, realizes concurrent improvement of grid point and site point, encompasses independently developed OMOS prediction approach, and so on.

Previous verification results showcase that CMA-GOWFS prediction has markedly reduced model error in the forecast of factors like temperature, wind, humidity, and ground air pressure, with noticeable elevation of TS rating of light rain, moderate rain and heavy downpour prediction. The global average absolute error can stay within 2℃ within 132 hours or even 150 hours.

After the operation, the product will provide support for global prediction services of China, set up the meteorological safety net for “Belt and Road”, and improve the comprehensive disaster preparedness capacity. Currently, some prediction products based on CMA-GOWFS has been released to the public and some grid point prediction products have been disseminated to Laos on a real-time basis and provide support for prediction services of Southeast Asia as well as carrying out international assistance. (May. 18)

Editor: Liu Shuqiao