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International version of MICAPS4 will provide services for Papua New Guinea

Source:China Meteorological News Press27-07-2020

At the request of Papua New Guinea National Weather Service (PNGNWS), China Meteorological Administration (CMA) provided MICAPS4 system, and the design, deployment and training of supporting facilities.

The international version of MICAPS4 is developed based on the fundamental framework of MICAPS4 and is a continuation of the previous MICAPS3 English version. It has completed update in 2019 and has been applied in succession in Nepal, Laos, and Pakistan. MICAPS4 team has carried out personalized customization of geographical information, user interface and collective diagram menu of Papua New Guinea, conducted whole procedure data flow testing from CMACast telecommunication system to MICAPS4 terminal, and so on.

Afterwards, the team will keep tabs on the assistance progresses for Papua New Guinea and provide timely technical support. (July. 27)

Editor: Liu Shuqiao