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The 7th Session of the Joint Meeting for Collaboration and Climate Science to Service Partnership held

Source:China Meteorological News Press27-10-2020

From October 13 to 15, the 7th Session of the Joint Meeting for Collaboration and Climate Science to Service Partnership (CSSP) was held via remote video. About 160 scientists from relevant scientific research institutions like Institute of Atmospheric Physics (IAP), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Beijing Climate Center (BCC) of China Meteorological Administration (CMA), and The Met Office Hadley Centre from both sides attended this event.

Experts have exchanged 5 latest scientific research progresses in terms of monitoring, attribution and reanalysis of climate; global dynamics of climate variability and climate change; East Asia climate variability and its prediction; development of near-term climate projections; and climate services and deliberated on next step research direction.

The main achievements include: promoting the verification and attribution research work of regional extreme climate events in China (heat wave, low temperature, flooding and drought); carrying out research into tropical dynamics and temperate zone teleconnection, seasonal to decadal scale climate predictability, and unpredictable extreme climate events dynamics; conducting high resolution climate prediction of tropical cyclones, and other relevant studies; providing effective scientific services for seasonal prediction of rainfall in the Yangtze River Basin and tropical cyclones that make landfall; supplying air quality climate information and services to the public to gain insight into the demand of users on urban services; and achieving positive results in terms of 2020 rainstorm prediction in the Yangtze River Basin, typhoon landfall, as well as cities, food security, and water resources.

CSSP started from 2014. The scientific workshop is held on an annual basis. (Oct. 23)

Editor: Liu Shuqiao