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Administrator Zhuang Guotai attended WMO Executive Council- Seventy-third Session

Source:China Meteorological News Press17-06-2021

On June 14, The World Meteorological Organization’s Executive Council- Seventy-third Session met virtually. WMO President and Secretary General, as well as members of Executive Council and others attended the online meeting. Mr. Zhuang Guotai, Administrator of China Meteorological Administration (CMA) and Permanent Representative of China with WMO, led the Chinese delegation to attend the meeting. Mr. Yu Yong, Deputy Administrator of CMA took part in the meeting.

The meeting will continue into June 25. Representatives will carry out discussions over topics like new unified data policy, WMO reform assessment, strategy and planning, reform of regional associations, hydrological strategies, capacity building, and related technical rules.

During the meeting, Mr. Zhuang Guotai was designated as the acting member of the Executive Council. Mr. Zhuang Guotai, acknowledged the remarkable progresses made by WMO in terms of global and regional work during the past one year, and proposed suggestions as regards future reform and development. He expressed that CMA launched Fengyun-4B satellite in June, and would continue to push ahead FY satellites programe to make contributions to WMO and its members in terms of disaster preparedness and response to climate change.

WMO Secretary General Peterri Taalas spoke highly of the contributions made by CMA in propelling capacity building of developing countries over the long term. (June. 17)

Editor: Liu Shhuqiao