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World Meteorological Centre Beijing conducts technical exchanges with Sri Lanka

Source:China Meteorological News Press08-09-2021

On August 19, World Meteorological Centre Beijing (WMC-BJ) invited experts from Department of Meteorology, Sri Lanka to conduct online exchanges on the forecasting technic and cooperation.

Experts from Sri Lanka delivered three special reports on their climate conditions and hydrological meteorological disasters, weather forecasting and seasonal prediction in Sri Lanka. Participants discussed on topics like weather and climate features, weather prediction, climate projection, agro-meteorological services, forecasting technology, observation data application in Sri Lanka. All these will deepen bilateral exchanges and cooperation in terms of forecasting services.

Experts from Sri Lanka expressed that they have applied systems and products of WMC-BJ interactive platform, and MICAPS, which have helped them in meteorological disaster preparedness and response to climate change.

This meeting aims to elevate the understanding of global severe weather. Prior to that, the website of WMC-BJ opened up a custom-made product service channel for Department of Meteorology, Sri Lanka. (Sep.8)

Editor: Liu Shuqiao